A Message in a Bottle

Life is full of wonders and miracles, that only some of us are lucky enough to see. The world itself has a way of producing energy without using man-made products. Earth has its own way of getting things around from one place to another that I, Mary Ellen Hobson am lucky enough to have witnessed.

Tonight was the night. Anne Hulik and I were going to have our Annual Chinese night. We have had one every year since 2001 and this year we decided to spend ours here in Herring Cove at our second home. First was first, order chinese food.

“Chang Kang Foo or Panda for you?” I asked Anne.

“Chang Kang Foo for sure!” Anne replied.

We picked our favorite ‘Jackie Chan’ movie, set up the room and started making white rice. About ten minutes after we ordered the food we recieved a call from the food place.

“Chang Kang Foo here, we are calling about your food.”

“Yes?” I hesitate.

“Yes, well your food can’t be delivered to you because of the storm.”

“What storm? The sky is perfectly clear.” I began.

“The news guy says there is huge storm coming our way. No deliveries shall be delivered until the is storm over.”

“Oh.. Okay, well thank you for calling. Chow!” I say with a worried look. I told Anne about what the restraunt had said and immidiatly turned on the news. The girl at the Chinese restraunt was right! There was a mega storm headed straight for Herring Cove, there are rumors about the storm going to destroy everything, pictures, cars, and even houses. Our best bet is to get out of our house and as far away as possible. Just then the T.V. turned off. We look at each other grab our things put them in a bag and open the front door.

I see blackness, its windy and cold. Where is Anne? Anne? Nothing. I think of all the things that went wrong. I got warned, how could I open the front door knowing there was a huge storm coming our way that would destroy everything? Exactly, I was dumb. I didn’t see the signs. Because of me I might lose my best friend, then what would I do? All of a sudden there was a bright light. The storm was over. I found myself laying in crushed wood that would have been the living room of my second house. What was that in the distance? Anne? Anne! I run over to her and dig her out of the hole she was in. Amazing, she’s okay! As soon as she was out we viewed the house that was now in pieces. We agreed to take a walk on the beach and think about all of this and talk about what to do now. As we are walking along the beach we came upon a dirty bottle that looked as if something were in it. I picked it up, opened it and found a note inside. The words were faint but I was able to read the letters.

I read, “I am 12 years old and I am in the 9th grade, my name is Jeffrey Vickers and I live in Duxbury. The population here is 5,000. My hobbies are building trains and model hot rods. My favorite sports are football, basketball, baseball and soccer. I was born in Queens, New York on September 3, 1949. Will the finder of this note please write back to the above address telling me just where the bottle was found?”

Astonished, we realized today was September 2, the day before his 62nd birthday! We tried to contact Jeffrey but there was no luck. Whether we get ahold of him or not, this was the most amazing thing that will and has ever happened to Anne and I. We have realized just how amazing Earth really is and just what it can do because no man-made product can bring a message in a bottle across an ocean in the amount of time that this bottle has.

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Dreams are dreams, they may not always come true,

but who am I to say they won’t?

Dreams are dreams, they can be crazy at times,

before I go to bed, I think of seven impossible things.

Life is life, you take what you get,

sorry, there are no exchanges.

Life is life, you can’t live it in sadness, the people

around you will make it impossible.

Mirrors are mirrors, you cannot change what you see,

changing it would be unrealistic.

Mirrors are mirrors, they show you what the world

is like, and on the other side, the world sees what you’re like.

Dreams are dreams, Mirrors are mirrors, and Life is life,

you dream what you dream, you see what you see,

and you get what you get, no question about it.

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