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Dreams are dreams, they may not always come true,

but who am I to say they won’t?

Dreams are dreams, they can be crazy at times,

before I go to bed, I think of seven impossible things.

Life is life, you take what you get,

sorry, there are no exchanges.

Life is life, you can’t live it in sadness, the people

around you will make it impossible.

Mirrors are mirrors, you cannot change what you see,

changing it would be unrealistic.

Mirrors are mirrors, they show you what the world

is like, and on the other side, the world sees what you’re like.

Dreams are dreams, Mirrors are mirrors, and Life is life,

you dream what you dream, you see what you see,

and you get what you get, no question about it.


About purplesparx

Love salt! Pistaches arent the best but I mean they're okay. I hate dogs but LOVE cats. I'm not the skinniest person in the world, Im pushing about 220 :/ I love writing and hope you like it!
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2 Responses to Dreams

  1. purplesparx says:

    Thankyou rjrock! I picked it with a little help of a friend(:

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